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Products developed by AVR SHELL

  • 1. Market Place software : B2B and B2C
  • 2. Order Food Online
  • 3. Payment gateways
  • 4. Item delivery system – For transporter and similar service provider
  • 5. Laboratory management System
  • 6. School/College management system (ERP)
  • 7. Online Vehicle booking and tacking system
  • 8. Events registration and ticket booking
  • 9. Point of sale system for retailer
  • 10. Video Live Stream publishing system/portal.
  • 11. App development with RIFD and Bluetooth.
  • 12. Artificial Intelligent System with Machine learning.
  • 13. Item Identification system to find genuine product.
  • 14. Smart City Systems and projects
  • 15. Other products/project

Project description, Status and prospects:

    1. Market Place software : B2B and B2C :

    Description: This is product we developing from past 2 years, It’s Market place software which is as competent as Amazon, or It Multivendor platform which can be customized to single vendor ERP –Ecommerce product. Any one care registered with predefined or customizable KYC and Its customizable to any taxing format, with customizable coupons, promotion codes or anything related to business. Buyer has special facilities to shortlist products for futurepurchase, request for shared payment with friends. Software can sell any kind of products which is either physical products to virtual or software products or packages.

    2. Order Food online :

    Description: This is product we developing from past 6 months, It’s Market place software which can be customized to single vendor also. Its primary business is to sell food online based on location area or pin. It’s has very flexible tool for restaurant and Admin to configure various properties and marketing stuff.

    This product further can be customized to fits in need food courts installed or established in malls or food outlets as centralized food delivery applications.

    3. Payment Gateway online :

    Description: This is product which was developed over 3 years of hard work. A product is AIMto target the send payment online. P2P payment for sending person to person payment with email or Mobile number. Also it can be integrated to any Ecommerce application where online payment accepted. QR code based payment system of integration into POS system for retail/wholesale business. School fees payment, Bill payment for any govt or private sector. Ticket booking for transportation or airways or Events based function or sports events can be target audience for it.

    4. Item Delivery system :

    Description: This is product is to target the transportation industry. Currently our transportation system for goods and career is very much unorganized. Aim of this product is to organize this sector under one software application. Sender, delivery person (transporter) and receiver can be integrated into one system. It will save lots of time of all the three. Giving their business big boost and big profits.

    5. Laboratory management System :

    Description: This product is for medical laboratories and hospitals. We made laboratories to deliver services online. Patient can book or order to particular laboratories online and get reports and results online. Payment also can be made online.

    6. School/College Management System (ERP) :

    Description: This software is a complete and customized solution for a school handling regular management work like management of Student Admission, Examination, Fee Collection, Attendance, Employee, Payroll, Accounting, Stock & Inventory, Result, Library, Transportation, Hostel and its respective Reports with an Administrative module to provide better security.

    • Fully customizable according to the specific requirement.
    • Very helpful in regular management work
    • Efficient and Accurate for accounting needs.
    • Secure database to prevent fishing.

    7. Online Vehicle Booking and Renting System :

    Description: This is product (Web based application) is to target the tourism industry. It’s about renting vehicle business. With proper KYC as per business needs, user is verified and delivered a vehicle for rent on asked location. Hiring person can request certain configured vehicle based on needs. Payment and other fees structure are all configurable through a admin panel. Sales report also available on admin panel. Also vehicle configurations are set in admin. This system can easily be extends to any renting or booking business like hotels or personal renting products.

    8. Online Event and Ticket booking System :

    Description: This product targets the business who organizes the events and fairs. Visitor can book tickets for events. Tickets are tracked through QR code. Admin panel for viewing all the visiting customer and reports related to visitor data are there.

    9. Point of Sales System (POS) :

    Description: This is desktop application used by any retailed shop/food restaurant as POS machine. It can be integrated with any type of barcode, QR code scanner for inventory search. Can be integrated with normal or thermal printer. Sales reports, inventory management, regular buyer data saved at the time of purchases for customer management.

    10. Video/Live Stream Content publishing portal (VOD Platform) :

    Description: Currently there is trend coming up for online video tutorials, displaying video bio data related to businesses. Currently YouTube is most trending in it. But this concept will help business sector to make sure only particular business related video are present and authenticated videos are published. For example we want to have video sites for news channel. They can easily setup video site with this web based application.

    11. App Development with RFID and Bluetooth :

    Description: This is our upcoming project we are trying to explore. IOT and Smart devices will be next generation things in coming few months to couple of year. So we already exploring this domain and sector for various aspects. I have attached another document for it which will explain its uses in 1 sector and our project idea what we want to achieve it.

    12. Artificial Intelligent system with machine learning :

    Description: We are exploring AI and ML as our next target to industry.

    13. Item Identification System to find genuine products :

    Description: This is new idea we want to launch in market. Idea is to make sure buyer buying genuine products at the cost they pay for it. There is lots of time we generally ask or see in market branded products are sold but they are not original sometime. Duplicate stuff sold in name of branded products. We will use QR code with special engine mechanism to solve this problem.

    14. Smart City Projects and System :

    Description: We are trying to get work with Government Authorities for smart cities concept and projects. We are targeting authorities with knowledge and experience to explain how we can benefit in term of IT and Apps for smart cities. One such proposal is attached with this.

    15. Other projects and products :

    WhatsApp type Chat: We have developed app which works exactly same as Whatsapp. Itcan be used in closed business domain where companies can have their own platform for internal use and Public review/comments/feedback or complaint system. It can further be extended to chat bot with AI in background to auto reply to question and queries in public chat of companies.

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