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Developing mobile applications for Android platform will give you access to a large and expanding MARKET in a wide variety of devices. Read on to learn how AVR Shell expertise with Android and Java will work for your benefit.

Android App Development

Today Android is arguably the world’s most popular platform for mobile devices. Android brings Google and the whole internet to users of smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. In the process, it is changing how we communicate with one another.

Android is all around us – in our home, at the office, in cameras and watches, in cars and TVs. For application developers, Android is an open platform that provides exciting opportunities for developing virtually any app imaginable. With a user base that continues growing every day, Android also has a built-in open marketplace for distributing new apps. Whether you have hundreds of apps or not even one, Android presents unprecedented opportunities for you to seize the power of mobile COMMUNICATIONS.

Java underscores Android, so our Java programmers can use their existing extensive Java resources to develop apps that perform flawlessly on Android phones and other devices. You and your clients will enjoy maximal satisfaction from the smoothly running apps.

At AVR Shell, our development team includes experienced Android app developers. They use the Android Software Development Kit, which includes Android Emulator, Android Plugin Tools (ADT), and other extremely valuable mobile apps development tools. These tools extend into the Eclipse environment and help our developer consistently create high-performance mobile apps that meet your business needs.

Android App Distribution & Monetization

Android apps have ready access to a premier open marketplace for distribution: Google Play. As soon as your company publishes a new app on Google Play, you have access to millions of Android users around the world. At the same time, you remain in control, because Google Play lets you decide how to sell your apps. There are no limits on when or how many apps you can publish, and you retain control of which groups of customers you reach out to. With Google Play, there are no delays and customers can download and begin using your apps almost immediately.

When you publish an app in Google Play, you can decide whether it should be distributed for free, sold for a set price, or packaged with in-app product sales (this is often the best way to maximize revenues and engage customers). As the app publisher, you can change prices whenever the need arises, specifying individual currencies if desired. All transactions are handled automatically by Google Play and converted into your own currency, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of international sales.

AVR Shell offers a complete suite of services to help you develop and publish Android apps:

  • Android Client/Server Application Development.
  • Android Handset Testing Solutions.
  • App submission to the Google Play Android Marketplace.
  • Custom Android Software Application Development.
  • Rich Multimedia Applications Development for Android.
  • Third-Party Application Porting on Android Devices.